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We have the equipment and the knowledge needed to install windbreaks on your property. Transplanted trees are $200 each, up to 20 miles from our location. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a custom bid for your project.


A windbreak is usually made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs planted to provide shelter from the wind and to protect soil from erosion.

If designed properly, windbreaks around a property can reduce the cost of heating and cooling and save energy.

Windbreaks are also planted to help keep snow from drifting onto roadways or yards. Farmers can use windbreaks to keep snow drifts on farm land that provide water when the snow melts.

You can use them to screen a property from view of a road. This can also provide reduced noise and dust from vehicle traffic and a barrier between farm animals and the road.

Our process is a little different…

Some people install windbreaks using 1′ – 2′ seedlings and/or potted small young trees and hope that they will survive long enough to eventually grow to be useful.

There is nothing really wrong with this method, other than it takes time and has the obvious risks you would expect from using seedlings and/or young potted trees.

At A&A Christmas Tree Farm we transplant strong 4′ – 8′ tall trees (that you can choose individually) with their roots safely encased in a full 500 lb root ball using our industrial-grade hydraulic tree spade.

I was working up quite a sweat during one project and decided to take some pictures while I worked, and maybe could cool off a little. Here they are to show you the process:

When planting a windbreak we start at one end with the tree spade.

Then, with the tree spade we dig a hole for the transplanted tree.

Then we go back to the farm, we take a tree that the customer has picked out.

Using the tree spade we spade out the tree with a 500lb root ball.

We transport the tree back to the customer’s site and plant it in the hole that we dug before.

After planting the first tree we move over about 8 ft and take another 500lb plug out.

We dig up another tree plant in the next hole for the windbreak.

Rinse and repeat…

After planting more than a dozen trees this is what the windbreak looks like.