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WANTED – Christmas Tree Pictures from our Customers

WANTED – Christmas Tree Pictures from our Customers

Send us pictures of your trees after you’ve gotten them home and decorated!  We’d love to show them off for you!

Above is a staged tree that some professional decorator and photographer put together.

Sure, it looks nice, but, it doesn’t have that “real” vibe does it?  Let’s see something that a normal person put time and effort into with their family. You know, something made with care, love, a few choice words and a bit of down-home Iowa family pride.

Just hit the “Contact Us” menu item, send us a message letting us know that you’ve got a Christmas tree to show off.  We’ll reply, then you can send us a picture of what you think a real home-made Christmas tree should look like.  

* Bonus points for any “creative story telling” perhaps about the process of putting the decorations on and choosing the perfect location in the house!